Give alerts for many who get sick or if anything transform

You could receive payment out of an extra financing getting traveling, insurance rates and you will university fees fees during the earliest three months through to the start of session. CSN will generally pay only away most other grants and you can fund at the the start of the newest session. You’ll then get the percentage to the within the 25th from the brand new month, ahead for each and every few days you are reading. You will find your payments for the Mina sidor .

If the anything goes otherwise alter using your age investigation, the most important thing on how best to give alerts of change and that means you receive the right amount. Alter might include your elizabeth.g.

  • interrupting your studies
  • discovering to have fewer loans than simply you had prepared
  • offering a house and having income over the free number.

Whenever you are a foreign resident, it is extremely important for you to definitely alert CSN regarding the experiences of every transform to your house enable, or in the function your or one you’re associated so you’re able to will be stop working or features a decrease in working instances.

You could potentially fill in a positive change notice in the Mina sidor (My personal Profiles) or e mail us in some other method. If you cannot statement transform and that causes your becoming paid more than you are eligible to, you’ll have to afford the even more financing right back.

For those who otherwise your child gets ill

It is very vital that you alert CSN for people who get sick or you must be at home to look after a sick boy. In this instance, you’ll be able to keep your college student grants and you can loans in place of such months getting counted since the being utilized, and you will requirements regarding issued loans is additionally smaller. You might statement a disease to help you CSN because of the entry the form “Notification of issues while in the education abroad” (zero. 5521W).

Repaying new student loan

In case it is for you personally to begin making loan repayments, you will receive a fees plan regarding CSN. If this is the very first time you take aside an excellent student loan, you’ll begin paying the loan during the basic half a year just after finding the brand new student help. If you have learned just before and commence understanding again, you would not get any particularly grace months.

  • how much cash you really have lent
  • the length of time you will be paying off their loan
  • the interest rate.

You could simply take a total of twenty five years to settle the financing, and it need to be fully paid off once you turn 64. You are going to always pay a bit less at the beginning and you can significantly more at the end. However, you might pay back the loan smaller if you prefer.

When you find yourself having problems together with your payments, such as because your income decreases, you could potentially connect with pay off faster to possess a certain period of time. CSN will then determine the application and watch whether you are eligible to spend quicker online installment loans South Carolina.

When you yourself have obtained a consult

When you yourself have gotten money from CSN that you were perhaps not eligible to, you pay it straight back. In such a case, might discover a request.

Appealing up against a choice from the CSN

If you feel you to CSN are at an incorrect choice, you could notice facing they. CSN have to be in acknowledgment of your own attract within this three weeks regarding the big date on which you were notified the decision.

The maximum amount you could potentially acquire having tuition charges on the entire data several months is additionally dependent on the particular level of which you’re studying. The maximum amount is computed according to research by the number of months for which you have earned located scholar help together with “rates ft amount”. If you are going to be discovering for extended and need getting financing throughout this period, you may need to spread when you take the actual most mortgage. Once you’ve borrowed the maximum amount for university fees costs, you would not have the ability to obtain any further to own for example charge.

  • Fill in a survey assurance to help you CSN the place you approve one to you are going to be learning as stated throughout the decision. This can be done from the earliest monthly until the start of semester. You could potentially usually fill out your data guarantee for the Mina sidor otherwise from inside the CSN’s application.
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